Baernabas Moontreader

Wandering Priest


Vital Stats

HP: 114/114 (12HD) AC: 23 (10 + 3 Dex + 8 armor + 2 shield) BAB 9/4
STR 19 (+4) DEX 17 (+3) CON 21 (+5)
INT 15 (+2) WIS 21 (+5) CHA 20 (+5)
Fortitude 13 (8+Con) Reflex 7 (4+Dex) Will 13 (8+Wis)
Melee 13/8 Ranged 12/7 Grapple 13
Speed 20ft Size Medium Race Hill Dwarf
Sex Male Ht 4’2" Wt 170lbs
Age 61 Alignment Neutral HD 12d8
XP 80,140 Level Up: 91,000 Languages Common, Dwarven, Orc

Combat Notes

  • +1 Keen Dwarven Waraxe of Ghost Touch 1d10 damage. Crit 19-20, x3. Slashing.
  • Lightning Gauntlets. 3 charges per day. (x + 1)d6 damage, where x is the number of charges spent at once. No attack roll; Ref DC14 for 1/2 damage.
  • Wand of Enlarge Person. 44 charges remaining. Casts at level 1; lasts 6 rounds.
  • 15/15 Uses of Turn Undead remaining.
  • +4 to resist bull rush and trip attempts when standing on ground (racial)
  • +1 to hit orcs and goblinoids (racial)
  • +2 to saves vs. poison (racial)
  • +2 to saves vs. spells and spell effects (racial)
  • +4 AC vs giants (racial)
  • Expended Burned Mass Shield of Faith
  • Expended “Greater Dispel Magic” spell slot as sculpted Plane Shift

Armor, Clothing, Accessories

  • Glamered Mithral Full Plate of Silent Moves. +8 AC, Max Dex +3, Armor Check -3. Functions exactly as normal mithral full plate, but with a command word takes on the appearance of normal clothing – in this case, a leather tunic and woolen breeches. Provides +5 competence to Move Silently checks, and dampens sound around it.
  • Psychoactive Skin of the Celestial. Fist sized blob of ectoplasm that covers the body at a mental command (swift action). Covers body with a white sheen and a golden aura. Once per day, activate for 7 rounds to gain DR 5/magic, darkvision (though i already have it, this doesn’t improve it), resistance to acid 10, cold 10, electricity 10, one use of Smite Evil (+10 damage to an evil target, used up even if you miss), and Spell Resistance 15.
  • Heavy Mithral Shield. +2 AC. Armor Check -1.
  • green hooded cloak with yellow trim; colors faded
  • Reliquary Holy Symbol. Worn as a necklace, devoted to Fharlanghn. Gain one extra use of Turn Undead per day for each of the following: having 5 ranks in Knowledge: Religion; having the Improved Turning feat; having a divine feat (in this case, divine metamagic).
  • Artificer’s Monocle. When using detect magic, in conjunction with having 5 ranks in Knowledge: Arcana, may spend an extra minute examining an item to determine its properties as though casting identify.
  • Phylactery of Undead Turning. Make turning checks at Cleric Level +4.
  • Ring of Adamantine Touch. While wearing this ring, any melee attack (armed, unarmed, natural) is treated as adamantine for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction
  • Ring of Feather Falling. While worn, activates feather fall automatically when when you fall more than 5 feet.
  • explorer’s outfit
  • Healing Belt. +2 Competence bonus on Heal checks. 3 charges a day allow you to heal (x + 1)d8 damage with positive energy (or to harm undead with it), where x is the number of charges spent.


Most of Baernabas’ possessions are carried by Hoof-Hearted, his faithful mule. Hoof-Hearted wears scale mail barding (at +4 AC) and wears a pack saddle, so Baernabas leads him on foot rather than riding along.

  • bedroll/blanket
  • map case w/maps
  • fishing net
  • flask
  • flint/steel
  • travel journal, pen, ink
  • waterskin
  • ale (2 gal)
  • bread x16
  • cheese x8
  • gopher meat x8
  • portable ram
  • Rope of Climbing
  • Decanter of Endless Water
  • Immovable Rod x2
  • Personal Oasis. Unrolls into a small one-person campground, complete with tent, endlessly burning fire, food for one person for one day. Tent is functionally identical to the tiny hut spell.
  • $4,724.27, mostly in the form of assorted goods and mementos from places he’s visited
  • spare heavy mithral shield, looted from the mines
  • a single coffee bean. qualiy: 88/100
  • +1 Keen Masterwork Trident of Maiming. +1 to hit. 1d8 damage, 19-20 crit, x2 damage +1d6 on a critical hit. Enchantments increase critical hit range and add extra damage. Extra spikes on its points, with a twisting, spiraled haft.

Racial Abilities

  • Movement speed not reduced by armor
  • Darkvision up to 60 feet, in black and white
  • Stonecunning. +2 Search on unusual stonework (sliding walls, stonework traps, new construction (even when built to match the old), unsafe stone surfaces, shaky stone ceilings, something disguised as stone that isn’t, etc.). Get a search check as though searching when w/in 10’ of such; find stonework traps as rogue’s trapfinding. Intuit approximate depth underground as easily as finding up.
  • Treat dwarven waraxes and dwarven urgoshes as martial and not exotic.

Class Skills and Feats

  • Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Simple weapons, all armor, shields (except tower)
  • Aura: Neutral (matches Diety)
  • Divine Spellcasting. Wisdom based.
  • Deity, Domains, and Domain Spells. Travel and Luck domains.
  • Spontaneous Casting: Burn a prepared spell slot to cast a Cure spell of the same or lower level instead.
  • Turn Undead: Use power of faith to disrupt or destroy undead.
  • Ancestral Knowledge. May make any Knowledge check untrained at no penalty, and may use Wisdom instead of Intelligence modifier. (level 1 feat)
  • Improved Turning: Add +1 to Cleric level for purposes of turning undead (level 1 feat)
  • Martial Weapon Proficiency: Dwarven Waraxe. (level 1 feat)
  • Extra Turning: Four extra turning attempts per day (level 3 feat)
  • Extend Spell. Doubles duration of a spell. Must use a spell slot at +1 level. Metamagic feat. (misadventures bonus feat 1)
  • Heighten Spell (misadventures bonus feat 2)
  • Sculpt Spell. Change the area of a spell’s effect. Cylinder (10’ radius, 30’ high), 40’ cone, four separate 10’ cubes, a ball (20’ radius spread), or 120’ line. Spell functions completely normally otherwise, with the only change being the shape. Must use a spell slot at +1 level. (misadventures bonus feat 3)
  • Persistent Spell. (misadventures bonus feat 4)
  • Mitigate Suffering. As long as you have a restoration spell or another conjuration spell that cures ability damage available, you can confer temporary ability points on yourself or an ally. 2 points + 1 per level of the highest leveled such spell. May not raise above normal score in this way, temporary points last 10 minutes unless another effect cures the damage first. May use as often as you wish, so long as a spell is in reserve. Also gain +1 competence bonus to caster level when casting Conjuration (healing) spells. (level 6 bonus feat)
  • Divine Metamagic. Chosen Feat: Sculpt Spell. Use 2 Turn Undead uses to apply Sculpt Spell to any divine spell you have prepared on the fly. (level 9 bonus feat)
  • Craft Contingent Spell. Attach a single one-use spell to a willing living creature. The spell affects or is centered on the bearer when certain trigger conditions are met; triggers are events that happen to the bearer (death, illness, falling over, plunging underwater, etc.). Follows normal item creation rules (market price: spell level x caster level x 100 gp). Spell attached to body, alive or dead, and is non-transferable. Can be dispelled by dispel magic but not triggered by it. Suppressed but not eliminated by an antimagic field. A creature cannot bear more contingent spells than its total HD – attempts to add more automatically fail. (level 12 bonus feat)

Turning Undead

With Baernabas’s phylactery of undead turning, his effective cleric level is raised to 16 when turning undead.

Turns Per Day 15 = 3 + 5 (CHA) + 4 (Extra Turning Feat) + 3 (Reliquary Holy Symbol)
Turning Check (x) d20 + 5 (CHA) + 2 (K: Religion Skill Synergy)
Turn Creatures with HD of: (x/3) + 16 (effective cleric level) + 1 (Imp. Turning Feat) – 4
Destroy Creatures with HD of: 8 = (16+1)/2, rounded down
Total HD Affected: 2d6 + 5 (Cha) + 16 (Level) + 1 (imp. turning)


Class Skills Total Ranks Ability Other
Concentration +9 4 CON 5
Craft +2 0 INT 2 +2 with stone/metal (racial)
Diplomacy +10 5 CHA 5
Heal +6 1 WIS 5
Knowledge: Arcana +10 5 WIS 5
Knowledge: History +5 0 WIS 5
Knowledge: Religion +10 5 WIS 5
Knowledge: The Planes +7 2 WIS 5
Profession +5 0 WIS 5
Survival +7 2 WIS 5
Spellcraft +16 12 INT 2 +2 (K: Arcana Synergy)

Armor Check Penalty total: -4 (-3 armor, -1 shield)

Cross Class Total Ranks (Spent) Ability Other
Appraise +2 0 INT 2 +2 re: stone/metal (racial)
Balance +3 0 DEX 3
Bluff +5 0 CHA 5
Climb +4 0 STR 4
Decipher Script~ +2 0 INT 2
Disable Device~ +2 0 INT 2
Disguise +5 0 CHA 5
Escape Artist +3 0 DEX 3
Forgery +2 0 INT 2
Gather Information +5 0 CHA 5
Handle Animal~ +5 0 CHA 5
Hide +3 0 DEX 3
Intimidate +5 0 CHA 5
Jump +4 0 STR 4
Listen +7 2 (4) WIS 5
Move Silently +8 0 DEX 3 +5 (see armor)
Open Lock~ +3 0 DEX 3
Ride +3 0 DEX 3
Search +7 2 (4) WIS 5
Sense Motive +5 0 WIS 5
Sleight of Hand~ +3 0 DEX 3
Spot +7 2 (4) WIS 5
Swim +4 0 STR 4
Tumble~ +3 0 DEX 3
Use Magic Device~ +6 1 (2) CHA 5 +2 to using scrolls (Spellcraft synergy)
Use Rope +3 0 DEX 3


Level 0

Guidance Light Mending
Read Magic Virtue

Level 1

Command Divine Favor Sanctuary
Shield of Faith Blessed Aim Faith Healing
Lesser Vigor

Level 2

Hold Person Shield Other Living Undeath
Bull’s Strength Close Wounds One More Spell Available

Level 3

Dispel Magic Divine Retaliation Mass Lesser Vigor
Lesser Visage of the Diety Magic Circle Against Foo

Level 4

Death Ward Dismissal Lesser Holy Transformation
Mass Shield of Faith
One More Spell Available

Level 5

True Seeing Plane Shift Righteous Might Revivify

Level 6

Greater Dispel Magic Heal

Level 7

One Spell Available
Spell Level Number/Day WIS Bonus Spells
Level 0 5
Level 1 5 2
Level 2 5 1
Level 3 4 1
Level 4 4 1
Level 5 3 1
Level 6 2
Level 7 1


Luck Domain: Once per day, may re-roll any one roll you have made before the DM declares success or failure. You must use the new roll.

Travel Domain: For 1 round/cleric level each day, benefit from effects of freedom of movement as a supernatural ability. Occurs automatically when it applies, lasts until it runs out or isn’t needed. Can operate multiple times a day or all at once, up to the daily limit. Also, Survival is added to class skill list.

Spell Level Luck Domain Travel Domain
1 Entropic Shield Longstrider
2 Aid Locate Object
3 Protection from Energy Fly
4 Freedom of Movement Dimension Door
5 Break Enchantment Teleport
6 Mislead Find the Path
7 Spell Turning Greater Teleport

Baernabas Moontreader

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