The Tale of Sir Benjin Shire

The night before Benjin was born there was a snow storm. Which wouldn’t be anything unusual, however Benjin was born in a summer month. This event experts explained that this could have been taken as a sign of great evil, or great atonement with the arcane arts, or a great leader of the people, or a great goodness, or a greatness in physical strength, or even a great attachment t o the divine. None of the experts could really agree on anything expect for a greatness was destined. Little did they know that the greatness wasn’t for Benjin.

Benjin is the son of Jon and Dal Shire. Jon a powerful yet unknown wizard of the mystical arcane arts. and Dal a cleric of Pelor and priestess of a local temple. He has two sisters and a adopted brother. The elder sister followed the steps of the mother in divine magic, the younger sister followed the steps of the father in arcane magic. The adopted brother went of on a vision quest to the far reaches of the known world.

Benjin was sent to the Temple Academy of St. Bridget in Arbintown, a powerful Mystic Theurge who mastered the arts of both the divine and arcane arts. Here his parents hoped he would learn a connection to either one or the other. He showed promise being from a well practiced family, but ultimately couldn’t forge a connection to either.

During his tenure there a traveling merchant and his companions would visit every so often bringing riches, items of unknown power, and stories. One of the companions of the merchant was a Knight of the Ways. A sworn guardian of the roads, and protector of travelers. Sir Dant Ranqur. He would exchange wondrous mementos and told young Benjin of all the places he had traveled and the people who lived there, for random knickknacks, baubles, or inexpensive trinkets. The last time the two saw each other, Sir Dant told a story about the Eight points of the Compass. Eight mystical items, scattered across the world each with legendary powers of their own right. Sir Dant hoped to see one or all of them some day on his travels but knew of its unlikelihood. Dozens of explorers and adventurers have tried to find one of them at any given time, none have succeeded, at least none have told the tale.

After failing out of the Academy, and failing his parents Benjin went in search of Sir Dant. But the world was a large place and Benjin unfamiliar with its happening and goings and the various evil that lurks behind every shadow. Luckily Sir Dant told Benjin the place where he trained to be a Knight-Errant. Down to the south somewhere in the deep forest between the two large port cities of River Fell and New Ford, is a fortress known as “The Mouth.” The mighty fortress received this name from a visiting young nobleman who said “By gosh! It looks like a mouth” The fortress lies the full length of a valley; from a sky view, which many use to get there to escape the long trek through the deep woods, the walls and towers along the perimeter appears to be jagged teeth in a snarled mouth of a fierce beast. There Benjin was taught to know and even sense the evil that stalks the world. Benjin adopted the code of a Paladin of Fharlanghn in order to travel and protecting the weak and innocent from the wicked. Sir Benjin became a member of the Knights of the Ways, hoping one day he would see Sir Dant again as an equal.

Some time later during his long walk, Sir Benjin purchased a small lodging in Mal’s Den, a fortress north of the capitol, where he can place his many trophies, knickknacks, baubles, trinkets, and memories, without worry of breaking or losing them.

Sir Benjin spent some time in the dreaded West Woods fighting demons, spirits, and other unnatural things. Nasty work, but dearly needed to make the passage through safe for all. On a return trip to Mal’s Den, Sir Benjin traveled a road he never took before and stopped at a town he had never been before called Broken Town. Here he met a fellow devotee of Fharlanghn, Baernabas Moontreader, a mild tempered dwarf, and a wandering merchant called Jaysen Firefly. After a few misadventures and profitable quests, the three became allies, and now travel together as friends.

The Tale of Sir Benjin Shire

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