The Emerald Company

The original members of the Emerald Company included:

Norman Sprackett, a gnome
Ursula Pendergrass, a half-elf
Pierre Driscoll, a human
Shotha Ach-Ghotha, an ilithid
Cassandra Intensity, a kenku
Arlem Reyes, a human

This gang of highway bandits attacked travelers throughout the kingdom of Menevrith. Eventually, Arlem Reyes, their apparent leader, revealed himself to be a skilled necromancer, bent on abolishing all life – or, perhaps, making it unlife?

On more than one occasion, the Emerald Company encountered a certain dwarf, who took part in foiling their various plans. In the Emerald Company’s most ambitious plot, they attacked Calcutta, a major city in Menevrith, with a small army of the undead. Calcutta’s local Temple of Pelor was able to defeat the Emerald Company, capturing Reyes alive while Sprackett and Pendergrass escaped. The other members are missing, and presumed dead.

The last public news about Reyes was that he was imprisoned and awaiting judgement… but that was nearly six years ago…

The Emerald Company

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